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The World is Big!

There’s much to learn. So many things to do. And a whole host of ways for kids to have good, safe fun! Discovering it all is simple . . .  if you have the right roadmap. With engaging text and warm, kid-friendly illustrations, The Little Book Of series introduces young readers to a wide range of ideas, activities, values, and emotions. The books teach children that having fun, learning, and doing the right thing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our goal is for kids to enjoy the journey and fun of reading while discovering the world around them, one little book at a time.

That’s what the #TheLittleBookOf series is all about!

The Books!

Drawing of Children giving each other Valentine's Day gifts

The Little Book of Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for the sweetest holiday of the year? There are so many special and fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and they’re all revealed in The Little Book of Valentine’s Day.  With engaging illustrations, fun text, and lots of creative ideas, The Little Book of Valentine’s Day is the perfect addition to your holiday collection.
Cover for The Little Book of Government

The Little Book of Government

There are so many things to know about government—not only what it is, but why it is so important. The Little Book of Government provides an easy-to-understand introduction to important concepts like government, democracy, freedom, and lawmaking, along with an introduction to the Constitution and our nation’s three branches of government.
The Little Book of Giving Cover Art

The Little Book of Giving

Holiday time is a special time. It means food, fun, family, and gifts! The Little Book of Giving helps young readers see that some of the most special holiday gifts don’t come in boxes wrapped up with a bow, but rather straight from the heart.
The Little Book of Patience cover art

The Little Book of Patience

Waiting isn’t easy, but sometimes it is worth it! The Little Book of Patience is filled with tips, tricks, and special secrets that will help make waiting easier . . . even for the most impatient!
The Little Book of Presidential Elections cover art

The Little Book of Presidential Elections

Electing a president happens once every four years! The Little Book of Presidential Elections utilizes simple text to explain the election process and its significance to young readers. With this book, the most important election in the United States of America will make sense.  Young readers will learn step-by-step about the process of electing a president. The Little Book of Presidential Elections helps young boys and girls, preschoolers, and toddlers understand what it means to elect a president and why it is so important to vote.
The Little Book of Presidential Elections cover art

The Little Book of Kindness

Kindness comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. The Little Book Of Kindness provides a gentle reminder to young readers that every kind act—no matter how small—makes a big difference. 

Little Book of Friendship Cover Artwork

The Little Book of Friendship

Friendships are like flowers. If you take care of them, they grow and bloom until you have a beautiful garden! The Little Book of Friendship shows young readers what they need to know to make a friend and to be one too.

The Little Book of Camping Cover

The Little Book of Camping

Camping is easy if you know what to do! The Little Book Of Camping provides a simple, fun roadmap for wannabe campers who’ve dreamed of pitching tents—in the woods, their backyards, or even their bedrooms— and having a real campout.