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having fun, learning, and doing the right thing doesn’t have to be complicated!

The Little Book Of Series introduces young readers to a wide range of ideas, activities, values, and emotions.

The Books

The Little Book of Camping Cover

The Little Book of Camping

Camping is easy if you know what to do! The Little Book Of Camping provides a simple, fun roadmap for wannabe campers who’ve dreamed of pitching tents—in the woods, their backyards, or even their bedrooms— and having a real campout. 
Little Book of Friendship Cover Artwork - Coming Soon!

The Little Book of Friendship

Friendships are like flowers. If you take care of them, they grow and bloom until you have a beautiful garden! The Little Book of Friendship shows young readers what they need to know to make a friend and to be one too.

The Authors

Author Laurie Friedman on a dock
Author Zack Bush with his children on a carousel

Miami authors Laurie Friedman and Zack Bush share a love of books, especially for children.